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Female Dog Diaper – Britches -With Tail Opening- Black

Female Dog Diaper – Britches -With Tail Opening- Black

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Dog Diapers (Britches) are used for female dogs when they are in heat. These Britches also work great for dogs who might have incontinence issues and are also a great tool for training new puppies.

Our diapers (Britches) are designed for a comfort fit and are available in a variety of sizes to fit any breed.

*Please note that inside mesh may vary in colour.


Our Diapers are made of PUL (Polyurethane Laminate ) on the outside and a soft mesh inside.

Care Instructions

All our Dog Diapers Britches
are machine washable in warm water and dryer safe in low heat.

Please be sure to fasten the Velcro prior to washing to avoid any snagging on the thread.

Remember to always remove and dispose of the sanitary pad before washing.

This product is best used with an absorbent disposable pad
for added protection we recommend using Pois or
Attends. Check out our washable pads for added absorbency. Add extra protection to your furry baby.

Using a laundry bag can keep your diapers in good shape for many years.

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Customer Reviews

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The Best on the Market

My girl just loves these. I use them for her cycle. She doesn't have to lick to keep herself clean. No upset tummy. Easy to clean and I use always pads in them. I highly recommend them.

Durable velcro and incognito

My dog mom bought these for me and even though I would prefer to be a diaper-free Gordon Setter, I can still sleep comfortably when I'm wearing them and now I don't leave any surprises while I sleep. The velcro holds up well to being taken off and put on every time I ask to go outside. My dog mom bought me a lot of different colours but I like the black ones the best since you can hardly tell I'm wearing them from far away.