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A dog snood is used for long eared dogs they are very comfortable and cute solution for avoiding dirty ears. Snood is worn like a headband on your dogs' head it holds in all of the hair and ears so that your dog can eat their dry or raw food  or when drink water freely, without you worrying about them getting their ears all wet and dirty.

These are especially great for show dogs to keep them clean before going out on the ring.

Below is the list of some dog breeds that can benefit from this product.

  Cavalier King Charles Spaniels,       American Cocker.     Cocker Spaniel,   Spring Spaniel, 
  Basset Hound ,   Beagle,    Bloodhound,    Afghan Hound,    Treeing Walker Coonhound
  Havanese,    Lhasa Apso,    Weimaraner,    English Setters, Poodle

Our Snoods are custom made for your dog.

***It’s very important to always check sizing charts before placing your order