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Jack & Jill Dog Diapers

Washable Pads- Male and Female

Washable Pads- Male and Female

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                                       Click here for Extra Velcro tabs

Our reusable washable pads are made from breathable fabrics to provide comfort, and offer light absorbency for protection and an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable pads, for both Female Diapers and Male Belly bands.
Should your dog have heavy incontinence you may want to use a disposable pad instead.

The pads have round Velcro tabs these tabs may come off due to washing and drying we do sell extra tabs, But we have been told that the pads do work well without the tabs.

 These reusable pads are great for those times where extra protection  is needed.

The pads sizes correspond to fit our Diapers & Belly Bands.

            ** Always wash pads separate from diapers or belly bands!!
                                  The back fabric colour will vary !!

Please watch our video so that you understand how to put the pads on and how the Velcro tabs work if you need them.

                                                 Click for a Demo video

Materials for Washable Pads

These pads have a total of 6 layers of fabric which makes them very absorbent and by wicking away the moisture from your dogs body.

It took me years to come up with this secret combination of fabrics that would be nice and absorbent and to keep your furry baby dry.

Little did I know that most of the fabric other then two I had already in stock and it was left over from the diaper and with the added two that I had to buy it made it just the perfect pad.Pads  stay inside the  Diaper and Belly band well without anything extra, but I have attached a  strong Velcro tabs on the pad along with the Velcro for you to attached to the diaper or Belly band if you wish the Velcro has double-sided tape to hold them more securely in place. With the double sided tape that will help keep the pad in place as permanently as possible due to heat of your dryer.  I also send a couple of extra Velcro with your order.

Care Instructions for Washable Pads

These pads machine washable in warm water and dryer safe in low heat.

It's best to soak the pads in a tub of water and a tablespoon of baking soda for about 15 minutes. This will neutralize the smell of urine. Wash and dry as usual

We also suggest using our laundry bag to help keep your
garments looking like new for a long time. More info on the link

Laundry Bag – Jack
& Jill Dog Diapers (

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Bobbi Pentland
Great product!

We have a foster dog who will mark in the house unless he has a belly band on. I bought these pads to go with the belly bands and I am very pleased with them. They wash up great and are obviously very comfortable because he doesn’t fuss when he has them on! They stay put in the band and don’t move!


Soft and absorbent- stays in diaper well

Most excellent idea

The pads do the job. Easy to wash. Could use a size between small and medium for the belly bands but we're making do.

Ben Vander Schaaf

Washable Pads- Male & Female

Bella loves them

Bought the washable dog diapers and washable pads for my senior pug Bella. Perfect fit and she doesn’t even realize she’s wearing them
Easy to wash and makes her feel better about making a mess in the house
Filomena was amazing when Canada Post misplaced the package
Bella and I give Jack and Jill diapers 2 pug paws up