Why do I sell so many Male Belly Bands & Female Dog Diapers per day?

  • I use the HIGHEST QUALITY Fabrics made in Canada to make my Male Dog Belly Bands & Female Dog Diapers. I wouldn’t sacrifice the quality for my dog Duke.
  • My Belly Bands are soft and comfortable.
  • I don’t advice using Belly Bands that are designed to hold urine in a fabric next to your dog’s skin. This will cause rashes. My Belly Bands are designed to be used with inexpensive, disposable sanitary pads to take away moisture from your dog’s skin, keeping him clean and dry.
  • My Belly Bands come in two styles #1 & #2 one is winder band which is better for bigger dogs and the Style #2 is better for smaller dogs. My Belly bands are made with Strong Velcro strips for a secure, comfortable fit.
  • My customer have been buying my products for the past 14 years and counting for their Male Dog Belly Band and my Female Dog Diaper. Please read our testimonials that tell the story. We make our products with lots of Love and tons of pride in our work.

                         Male Belly Band Style#2

                             Female Dog Diaper
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