When to Use Female Dog Diapers & Male Belly Bands

The most important thing to consider about Female dog diapers and Male Belly Bands is that they are not an alternative to house training. Unless medically indicated, they are for short term use only.

Female Dog diapers and Male Belly Bands are primarily for incontinent dogs. These dogs have a medical condition that makes it impossible to control their bladder. Usual causes for incontinence are advanced age, hormonal imbalance or physical abnormalities. Incontinent dogs benefit greatly from dog diapers and belly bands because the diapers and belly bands keep the dog and its bedding clean and dry. Some incontinent dogs may need to use diapers or belly bands for the rest of their lives.

They are also useful for female dog in heat. A female dog diaper can keep the house cleaner and prevent constant licking. Many owners use them as a doggie chastity belt since the diaper will also prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

There are other short-term situations where a female dog diaper or male belly band is appropriate. Some of these might include:

  • Taking your dog to visit a friend's house
  • Plane trips
  • Hotel stays
  • Post surgical dogs unable to go outside
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