THE BEST: Incontinence – It’s Gone to the Dogs!

Pudge Wisotsky lived in Louisville and was a stay at home beagle (rescued)

Hi my name is Pudge and I am a beagle.  I had a rough life but a great “human” adopted and cared for me.  She actually puts up with a lot because I was incontinent.  Shortly after I was adopted, I had emergency surgery for a ruptured disk.  After much care and therapy, I was able to walk and run again– although a little sideways sometimes!  Nerve damage to my rear rendered me incontinent.

I know my “human” was frustrated with my accidents but I couldn’t help myself.  The Best thing happened when she discovered Jack and Jill Dog Diapers!  I can tell you they are The Best!  They allow me to have a quality of life and comfort as well as the freedom to run around the house with minimal accidents.   The fit and quality are outstanding, and my “human” says they are easy to put on with velcro closures and they easily accommodate a liner pad (we use Tena incontinence pads).  They are machine washable and dry within an hour.  It has made our lives a whole lot easier!

I even went to “Agility Classes for Dogs with Disabilities” and I got to wear my dress diapers!

Filomena is the owner and designer of these wonderful diapers for all breeds and they come in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns from solids to wild animal prints.   They can be used for dogs that are incontinent, female dogs in heat, male dogs that mark indoors, house training and excitability urination.

Please – adopt a rescue and have your dogs and cats spayed or neutered!

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