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Jack & Jill Dog Diapers

Female Dog Diaper – Purple Tie Dye

Female Dog Diaper – Purple Tie Dye

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Doggie Diapers are used for female dogs during menstruation. They also work great for dogs with excitable urination and for training new puppies..

Our doggie diapers are made of a Diaper Laminate 100% Polyester waterproof fabric, which when used in conjunction with a disposable Maxi pad or Poise pad will give more protection from leakage.

These Doggie Diapers are designed for fit and comfort and are available in a variety of sizes to fit any breed.

Our Doggie Diapers are stabilized with an elastic band, which affix around the rear legs and a Velcro strap is used to secure it to the dog''s waist.

These truly amazing Doggie Diapers are an excellent device for little puppies which have not been house trained or for older dogs who suffer from incontinence.

         *please note that outside trim and inside Mesh may vary in colour. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Impressed with the quality!


I’ve received my dogs diapers yesterday. She wore them for the first time after wearing the disposables for a while. I am very impressed with the quality! The material is light, the elastics are strong and have a good stretch allowing for my dog to move without restrictions, and the Velcro offers plenty of adjustability as well. The pads are a good size and fit the diaper well and stay in place. I woke up to no mess this morning and the diaper still in place! I’m very impressed and will recommend to anyone looking for a diaper for their dogs.


Hello I just wanted to let you know that today is Monday Oct 24/2016, I rec'd my order on Friday afternoon. Just so impressed at how quick you processed my order of the XXSmall Female diapers & my receiving them in less than a week!!! They are so cute. And just the perfect size for my Teacup Chihuahua female. I do not have a camera right now to send pics. But as soon as I do, I will send you a few.

Thanks again from, A very Happy, Loyal New Customer
Janet Courcelles


Our 9 month old Old English Sheepdog loves wearing her new diapers!
I love the quality, the workmanship and fit. Our pup is comfortable and doesn't seem to notice anything is on her body. She runs around comfortably and the water resistant material keeps her dry and clean. Thanks for the great product! Will definitely recommend your diapers!

Gillian and June:)


Zippy, she wore your diapers for almost 10 years. They gave her a quality of life. Nothing else fit or stayed on. Your diapers are a blessing, and made it possible to care and love her all those years. Thank You!! She is greatly missed.

Hugs Sandy
Nicolaus CA


Such a wonderful company to purchase from. They email you directly for any questions and work with you to make sure you are satisfied. I like how you speak to the actual company reps when you call or email, not just anyone. And they really know their products well. They make sure you are 100% satisfied with your order . Plus they are from right here in Canada 🇨🇦. I recommend them to everyone who is looking for male dog belly bands and female dog diapers and whatever else they sell. Everything I have ordered has been sent on time, and in wonderful shape and great quality. I have a belly band I have had for a few years now, and it’s still very much usable and in great shape. Belly bands wash wonderfully and last a long time. I use a female maxi pad Placed on the side that goes under the belly for extra protection . And it works great! Thanks again jack and Jill doggie diapers. Great products, great service , quick shipping. Very impressed customer, I will be purchasing them again :)

Ember Sifakis
Red Deer County, AB