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Jack & Jill Dog Diapers

Laundry Bag

Laundry Bag

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Wash your Diapers, Belly Band, & Pads

Our Laundry bag is great for keeping your diapers, belly band and pads from getting lost in your wash. It will protect them from getting mixed up with the rest of the laundry and prevent them from fraying.

When testing the bag I was able to put the bag in the washing machine and dryer. The product washed nicely and also dried right in the bag on medium heat.

They have a drawstring closure. Just place the items in the bag, close it and toss in the wash & Dryer.

We don't like to waste any fabric so this bag is made from the same fabrics as the diapers.

The whole bag is made out of the hockey Mesh that we use on the inside of the diaper, and at the very bottom of the bag there is a PUL fabric. that is why you will see the option for different colours.

 I suggest using one bag for diapers or belly band and another just for the pads.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

The washable pads and laundry bags are a wonderful combination with my dog’s diaper. Extra protection and the bags keep her things separate from other laundry while keeping it in tack. Jj diapers is an excellent company; phenomenal customer service who make sure you’re getting what you need!

What a great idea

I was so glad when I came across these laundry bags...I know that they are available out on the market but is was so nice to see that this business is reusing fabric and not wasting. I bought two one for my diapers and the other for the pads and this process has been working so well and it's so simple for me. I don't have to worry about things getting all mixed together. Thank you for always thinking like a customer and keep up the great work!

Shawn kraft
Kane and Odins belly bands and laundry bag

I have recently found out about belly bands and this place was the perfect place to buy them they went above and beyond to make sure the sizes were correct and after I bought them and realized just how much money they’re saving me in damages to my house it’s incredible ! About two weeks after I come home and there’s another package at my door from the Jack and Jill store and it’s a laundry bag that they made for me that I didn’t order they just sent it to me to try out and it’s awesome because I can keep them pads and belly band separate from my other laundry and the bag won’t leak it’s perfect and I just thought I’d give them a well deserved 5 star review …this is why I love to shop and these self made mom and pop places they’re fantastic and they see their customers not like corporations where we’re just profit margins to them anyway than you guys for making my shopping experience perfect.