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Jack & Jill Dog Diapers

Female Dog Diaper Britches -With Tail Opening -Violet

Female Dog Diaper Britches -With Tail Opening -Violet

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Dog Diapers (Britches) are used for female dogs when they are in heat. These Britches also work great for dogs who might have incontinence issues and are also a great tool for training new puppies.

These Doggie Diapers are designed for fit and comfort and are available in a variety of sizes to fit any breed.

*Please note that inside mesh may vary in colour.


Our Diapers are made of PUL (Polyurethane Laminate ) on the outside and a soft mesh inside.

Care Instructions

All our Dog Diapers Britches
are machine washable in warm water and dryer safe in low heat.

Please be sure to fasten the Velcro prior to washing to avoid any snagging on the thread.

Remember to always remove and dispose of the sanitary pad before washing.

This product is best used with an absorbent disposable pad
for added protection we recommend using Pois or
Attends. Check out our washable pads for added absorbency. Add extra protection to your furry baby.

Using a laundry bag can keep your diapers in good shape for many years.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Everything about these bottoms is perfect. The sizing chart was bang on for my golden retriever pup (who went into heat early). She was a little apprehensive about them at first, since they're something new. But after maybe 10 minutes of wearing them, she was so completely relaxed and at ease that she had fallen into a restful sleep on her back with her legs sprawled out. They're obviously comfortable for her because she hasn't made any attempt to try and remove them or bite at them. She's also quite happy to put them on. We've opted to avoid a sanitary napkin inside, and the underpants stand true to being waterproof. They're easy to clean, quick to dry, and super bright (pink-purple). I will definitely be buying more. Best purchase I could have made for my pup and her cycle.

I should note, she did have a little accident the first day in them, where she peed with them on. However, most of that wetness also stayed within the fabric. With very little making it to the floor. I imagine if one needs these or wants them for incontinence issues, they'll still be excellent for smaller accidents. Especially so if they're just being used to hide a diaper.

I can't recommend these enough! We're 100% satisfied!

Durable and practical

My dog mom bought these for me and even though I would prefer to be diaper-free, I can sleep comfortably when I'm wearing them. They hold up well to being taken off and put on every time I ask to go outside too! My dog mom bought them in lots of nice colours, and they are all consistently sized and well-made.


Absolutely the best diapers and belly bands!

Judy Bohnert
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan


The diapers we ordered showed up so fast and they fit perfectly!

Thank you!
Victoria Martz
Breslau, ON

These are well Constructed!

My Standard Schnauzer is incontinent now and these help her stay dry thru the day if I can't get to her on time. Unfortunately I was hoping that the diaper could be used at night while she sleeps, but b/c of her docked tail it slides off as she moves during the night. I've ordered the tail less design and hope this might solve the night time problem.