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Jack & Jill Dog Diapers

Female Dog Diaper – Neon Green

Female Dog Diaper – Neon Green

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Doggie Diapers are used for female dogs during menstruation. They also work great for dogs with excitable urination and for training new puppies..

Our doggie diapers are made of a Diaper Laminate 100% Polyester waterproof fabric, which when used in conjunction with a disposable Maxi pad or Poise pad will give more protection from leakage.

These Doggie Diapers are designed for fit and comfort and are available in a variety of sizes to fit any breed.

Our Doggie Diapers are stabilized with an elastic band, which affix around the rear legs and a Velcro strap is used to secure it to the dog''s waist.

These truly amazing Doggie Diapers are an excellent device for little puppies which have not been house trained or for older dogs who suffer from incontinence.

Care Instructions:

All of our dog diapers are machine washable and dryer safe, Please be sure to fasten the Velcro prior to washing to avoid any snagging on the thread. Remember to always remove and dispose of the sanitary pad before washing.

                                *please note that  inside Mesh may vary in colour.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I have diapers for my Ginger. High quality material. They fit her skinny whippet frame perfectly and they wash and dry so easily. I recommend them to everyone.

Helen Bosch
Vancouver, BC


We Love our JJ diapers. They've really been a life savor with a wiggle worm pup. Expensive if you have to buy a collection of them to keep up with the usage your dog goes threw but worth every penny. We use our diapers all day every day 24/7 in the house and they definitely hold up. Its taken months for her to wear out one and we keep coming back to restock not to mention the owners of the company are super attentive and on the ball with customer service



Well made! Excellent response from the owner to help me choose the right size.